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This area of the Internship Toolkit addresses the time period following the end of the internship.  This is typically the end of the summer prior to the senior year in high school, possibly extending into the first semester of that year.  This is an important time, because it provides an opportunity for the student to “put it all together.”  The student will have just finished working in an environment that demonstrated clearly how the material taught in the classroom setting is applied in the real world.  It is a prime time for reflection and analysis.  Post-internship activities may include, but are not limited to:  writing a report on the experience and making a formal presentation to the rest of the Academy class utilizing Powerpoint and other presentation skills, hosting a breakfast or luncheon for the internship provider companies and formally thanking them for their generosity by telling them why the internship was such a valuable experience, creating an “awards or recognition” ceremony to honor the internship provider companies, and/or publishing a written account of the internship experience in the school paper, the local newspaper, and/or the employer’s newsletter or publication.  It is also important during this time for the student to work to maintain an on-going relationship with the internship supervisor.  Such a relationship can lead to future internship experiences, scholarship opportunities, and even future employment.   

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