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The following operating rules are provided by the National Academy Foundation ("NAF"), owner of the National Academy Foundation web site (the "Site"), to make online information usage and communications a positive and secure experience for visitors to the Site. NAF may modify these rules at any time by publishing the modified rules on this site.
1. Copyright and Trademark. Copyright 8 2000 National Academy Foundation. All Rights Reserved. The materials on these web pages are copyrighted by NAF, or used under license granted to NAF, for the limited purposes connected with the Site. Any license granted to NAF to use materials on the Site does not extend to anyone other than NAF. Please respect the rights of NAF in and to these materials. None of the materials on the Site may be used by visitors to this site for any purpose other than education, as provided by separate agreement between NAF and NAF authorized users of the Site ("Educational Purposes"), or for personal noncommercial use. Permission is given to view the material on the Site and save that material only for Educational Purposes or for personal noncommercial reference. You may not further copy, modify, use or distribute the material in any way. National Academy Foundation® and its related logo are the registered trademark of NAF and may not be used by any other party. 2.Standards of Conduct. Visitors to the Site (including users of public rooms and communications services) agree not to publish on or over the Site any information, software or other content that violates or infringes on the rights of any others or that would be abusive, profane or sexually offensive to an average person, or that contains any advertising or any solicitation of other visitors to use goods or services. Visitors agree not to use the capabilities and facilities of this Site to: (i) conduct any business or commercial activity or (ii) conduct or solicit the performance of any activity that is prohibited by law or (iii) solicit visitors to become subscribers of other competitive services. Copyrighted material must not be placed on the Site without permission of the owners of such materials. Each visitor agrees to indemnify NAF for any claims and expenses related to any information, software or other content placed on the Site by such visitor. NAF reserves the right to edit or delete any information, software or other content appearing on the Site, regardless of whether it violates the standards of conduct. Unauthorized modification of any information found on or stored on the Site may result in criminal prosecution. NAF, as well as authorized federal, state or local governmental agencies, may monitor and audit the users of the Site. Accordingly, all visitors are hereby notified that use of this Site constitutes consent to such monitoring and auditing. 3.Termination. NAF reserves the right to suspend or terminate service to any visitor at any time. 4.Warranty Disclaimer. NAF is not able to inspect the contents or confirm that the information on any Site linked to this Site is correct in every case. Such information, and information provided on the Site, is provided AS IS and without any warranties. NAF DISCLAIMS ALL EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT WILL NAF BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OF PROFITS, BUSINESS, USE, OR DATA OR FOR INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND WHETHER BASED IN CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER TORT. 5.Privacy Policy. NAF respects the privacy of its visitors to the Site. To protect on-line privacy, NAF has implemented the following policy for on-line activities related to the Site: Information Collection: From the general public accessing the Site - NAF does not collect any personal information from users browsing the Site. Users to the public area of the Site browse anonymously. Only aggregate data, such as the number of hits per page, is collected and is used only for internal purposes. From NAF members - To gain access to some portions of the Site, users must be NAF members authorized by NAF ("NAF Members"). NAF Members are asked to provide some limited information to NAF. NAF does not collect home addresses, home phone numbers or home e-mail addresses. A Note About Minors. NAF does not knowingly offer or market its goods or services to minors. Although the nature of the Internet makes it impossible for NAF to know the age of its visitors, bear in mind that NAF does not collect any personal information about people of any age who visit the public portion of the Site. Data Use, Third-Party Disclosure and Linked Sites: NAF does use information voluntarily submitted by NAF Members to improve the content of the Site; to respond to NAF Member needs and preferences and to develop new NAF Member services. NAF does not release any information to third parties about its members without the permission of such members. The Site provides links to other websites. NAF is not responsible for the privacy practices of any such other websites.

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