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Employer Post-Internship Activities

The successful internship cannot be finalized until certain post-internship activities are completed.  An intern should be asked to complete a post-internship recap, such as a journal of their experience, or a report, or some other “capstone” project, which is submitted to the Director and the employer supervisor.  This report should summarize their experience, and discuss the competencies, which the student has learned.  The Director should also arrange for the interns to make a more formal presentation to their Academy peers, underclassmen, Advisory Board members and internship providers using powerpoint and acquired presentation skills.  Other post-internship activities could include an employer recognition breakfast, luncheon or dinner, an article appearing in the local newspaper or in the employer’s newsletter, photo opportunities with interns and employers submitted to local newspapers, press releases issued by the school praising local employer involvement, and other activities which promote, celebrate, honor and reward the contributions of the internship providers.  Similarly, the internship provider company should consider promoting their involvement and the students’ achievements.  Articles in the company’s newsletter, news releases, discussions at Chamber or Association meetings serve to spread the word about the company’s involvement, thereby increasing the company’s prestige in the eyes of the business community and general public, and also helps to solicit other companies to get involved.

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