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Benefits of NAF network membership


How Do Academy Students Benefit?

By providing a new context for learning, the Academy helps build the motivation, confidence and sense of personal worth that will lead students from all backgrounds to success. The Academy serves students of all abilities, but the program is of particular interest to those who are not achieving their full potential.  Beyond building self-esteem, the Academy offers quantifiable benefits:

  • Nearly 100 percent of Academy students graduate from high school   
  • More than four out of five go on to two- or four-year colleges   
  • Students enjoy special graduation ceremonies, and receive access to awards and scholarships    
  • Graduates acquire the problem-solving and teamwork skills necessary to succeed in higher education and beyond   
  • Graduates are more prepared for employment and have more positive career outcomes.

The NAF Alumni Network provides graduates with professional and social networking experiences, access to scholarships, job opportunities, and mentoring and service opportunities. Many alumni continue to work in the industry during college, and a significant number return to industry after graduation.

How does the Academy Help Schools?

  • Strong partnerships with local business, community leaders and Academy parents 
  • Motivated students who know that the Academy prepares them for college and for their careers
  • Industry training for teachers and students 
  • Involvement in the NAF National Network, and access to a national network of committed education and community leaders 
  • Ongoing support for each NAF course, as well as help with advisory board and internship development 
  • A vehicle for whole-school reform: many district leaders have restructured their schools around career themes, using the NAF Academy as a model.

How Do Business Partners Benefit?

  • Enhanced community leadership  
  • Nurturing the workforce of tomorrow  
  • Building employee engagement  
  • Enhanced workforce diversity  
  • Membership in a national network




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