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Introduction to Travel & Tourism
This is a one-term course that provides an introduction to the Travel & Tourism industry. Students are given an overview of the various components of the industry, a history of the industry, an introduction to marketing and to the various careers available in Travel & Tourism. Students also engage in a case study of their own particular city, and examine current trends that are affecting the way people travel both for leisure and for business.

English for Travel & Tourism I and II
A one-year series of infusion materials based on American literature (selected works are travel-related) combined with an emphasis on oral and written communication. Students are prepared for the world of work through a series of lessons on resume preparation and job-interview techniques. This course has been designed as a junior-year offering.

Geography for Travel & Tourism
A one-term course geared at having students develop broad geographic skills. In addition to learning how to use the basic tools of the geographer, students learn how economics, culture, history and political issues all affect the study of geography, and how geography affects these other disciplines.

Systems Applications
A one-term course that is aimed at teaching students the basics of how airlines, hotels, and car rental agencies use computer-based data to facilitate business and leisure travel. Students are first exposed to a unit of study that familiarizes them with the computer and word processing, before learning the theory behind all reservations systems. A major portion of the course requires the use of one of several commercially available reservation simulations designed to encourage the student to complete reservations under a variety of circumstances.

Travel Destinations I and II
A year-long course geared to providing students with the opportunity to employ all of the information they have learned about the Travel & Tourism industry through an examination of various areas of the world that are major tourist destinations for Americans. Students will also examine the airline, hotel, cruise line and other segments within the hospitality, tourism and travel industries. At the end of the year, students are required to complete a major project demonstrating their mastery of the material. (This course replaces Travel & Tourism II and Destination Geography).

Economics For Travel & Tourism
A basic principles and practices one-semester course that parallels the concepts taught in standard high school-required Economics courses. Academy students take this course in lieu of the Economics course offered at their school. Throughout the course, examples of economic principles are drawn from the world of Travel & Tourism in order to integrate academic learning and practical business applications.

Strategies for Success
A one-semester course that helps orient students to the world of work and school. Ideally, this course is offered in the ninth or tenth grades as it helps students to develop good work and study habits, prepare portfolios, learn about school resources, develop career plans, start to prepare for college and develop solid interpersonal skills.

A module of 20-25 lessons that expands upon the hospitality-related topics, skills, and activities in other areas of the curriculum by addressing developing areas of this industry segment, such as meeting and event planning. This module can either serve as a stand-alone unit or can be integrated within other courses of study, such as Introduction to Travel & Tourism.

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