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Citigroup Foundation AOF Grant Guidelines

In 2003, Citigroup Foundation grants will be targeted in the following three instructional areas:

1. Program Enrichment – Funds for activities that improve co-curricular experiences for AOF students including expenses related to field trips, guest speakers, industry workshops, shadowing or mentoring experiences, etc. will be considered. Grant funds may also be used for student recruitment and program visibility. Materials or equipment which will help students prepare for The Fed Challenge competition and related expenses such as travel to and from the Federal Reserve Bank branch, after school sessions and specialized software will be considered.

2. Professional Development - Funds are available for experiences that improve the ability of AOF teachers to deliver an exciting and rigorous instructional program. These experiences may include professional development activities that improve a teacher’s skill in using technology as an instructional tool, teacher mentoring/shadowing with financial services industry partners, or attendance at financial service industry seminars and conferences. Additionally, funds are available to improve the leadership, managerial and computer skills of AOF program directors. These professional development experiences for both teachers and directors may not be a part of the normal staff development activities conducted by the school district, nor may the grant be used to pay for NAF conference attendance.)

3. Supplemental Curriculum Materials/ Hardware - Grant funding may be used to purchase materials to enrich the instructional program such as financial software programs, classroom reference books and materials, industry-specific magazine and newspaper subscriptions (Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition, Forbes, Fortune, Money, etc.), and trade manuals or publications that will enhance classroom learning. Funds requested for the purchase of computer hardware will ONLY be considered for those programs that lack the necessary equipment to access the NAF online curriculum.

RESTRICTIONS:This grant may not be used for the following: teacher salaries or release time, student internships or stipends, regular staff development activities conducted by the district, NAF conference attendance, graduation awards or ceremonies. Since Citigroup is providing scholarships through the Citigroup AOF Scholars Program, requests for additional funding will not be considered.

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