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Starting a New Academy
   Proposal Guidelines


Complete guidelines for submitting a proposal to start a NAF Academy are contained in the NAF Academy Planning Guide.  You may request a guide via email by clicking here.

Please review the proposal guidelines carefully to determine which type of proposal is best to
pursue. Before beginning the proposal development process, please contact NAF with your
intent to apply for consideration as a NAF member program as either a Year of Planning (YOP) or
Implementation site. Send your letter of intent along with a completed “Contact Information Sheet”
(available in the Academy Planning Guide).

When NAF receives your letter and contact sheet, you will then receive a copy of the “NAF
Membership Agreement,” to be signed by the school principal, district superintendent and
Academy director, and included with your final proposal. Letters of Intent should be submitted well
in advance of proposal deadlines to ensure enough time to secure signatures from your district
superintendent. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Letters of intent and contact sheets may be submitted via email or in writing to:

National Academy Foundation
39 Broadway Suite 1640
New York, NY 10006
Attn: New Programs Associate
Email: [email protected]
(212) 635-2400

The Academy Planning Guide outlines the two types of proposals for NAF Academies:

  1. Year of Planning (YOP): due March 15, 2003 for Fall 2004 launch with students
    Advanced planning is a luxury not often afforded schools seeking change. The Year of Planning
    Proposal is recommended for the majority of programs wishing to join the NAF network, in
    order to take full advantage of NAF technical assistance tools in a timeframe conducive to a
    successful Academy launch. NAF’s twenty-year history as a technical assistance provider to
    career academies provides a unique perspective on the elements of successful Academy
    development. The Year of Planning incorporates our collective experience to serve new and
    developing Academies into the future.

  2. Academy Implementation: due November 29, 2002 for Fall 2003 launch with
    Only well established, existing programs, or schools working with other technical
    assistance providers for planning activities should consider submitting Academy
    Implementation Proposals. Even in districts and schools that already have some Academies,
    significant planning is required to implement and integrate new Academies into existing
    structures, and develop a supportive culture at the school site. The Academy Implementation
    proposal guidelines are extremely rigorous, and intentionally so. Schools not accepted as
    Implementation Sites will be given the opportunity to participate in the Year of Planning process.

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