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Apply now for the first ever NAF Financial Services Certification Examination for your Seniors!

On March 11, 2003, the beta testing of the newly created examination for the NAF Financial Services Certification will take place.  Chauncey Group International, the for-profit division of ETS, has created this exam after almost two years of work with NAF, our industry partners, educators from our network, and our university associates.  The examination is believed to reflect the core industry concepts and employability skills that students have gained and developed during their time in the Academy of Finance.  Based upon an application process (click below to download forms) NAF will award between 15-20 AOF sites in good standing test slots at no cost to the students or school.  Up to an additional 15 school sites will be awarded slots at $15 for each test (one-third of the regular anticipated cost).  Students will receive confidential results and schools will receive performance reports at no charge.  

If you have a minimum of 15 graduating seniors at an AOF site, you are eligible to apply for this award.  You will be helping NAF create an invaluable component of its �portable diploma� initiative and helping your students gain increased access to a financial services career path.

February 7:  Deadline for submitting all applications to NAF

February 14:  Announcement of pilot test sites and mailing of test information from Chauncey Group International

March 11:  NAF Financial Certification Examination Test Day

May 20:  Anticipated release of test scores to students and summary reports to programs and NAF

Financial Services Certification Examination Application [ Download Now ]

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