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Career Academy Resource Center
   Internship Toolkit
     Student Preparation/Planning
       Basic Student Requirements


1.        Excellent attendance and punctuality - no more than five absences per term (September - January)

2.        Earning of passing grades in all Academy junior year courses.

3.        Satisfactory performance on the preliminary interview conducted at the school by Academy staff.

4.        Submission of an acceptable resume.

5.        Availability for a minimum of six consecutive weeks during the summer.

6.        Personal possession of requisite documents (Social Security Card, Green Card [if necessary], working papers, etc.)

7.        Submission by school of supporting documents (Confidential Teacher Reports, Permanent Records).

8.        Recommendation of the school coordinator.

9.        Proper business attire and careful grooming for all appointments.

10.     Keeping and being punctual for all appointments for interviews, testing and placement.  (Failure to keep appointments will result in removal from internship pool).

11.     Attendance at the Academy internship orientation.

12.     Acceptance of placement tendered by sponsor firm.  Students may not reject a job offer; any problem related to placement must be brought to the immediate attention of the Academy office [insert telephone number] by the student.


Interview Panel:

1.        one Academy staff representative

2.        one or two industry representatives: human resources/personnel representative, and a person likely to be a direct supervisor.

Time Frame

- minimum of twenty to twenty-five minutes per student

- five minutes between interviews to record final summary data on Interview Record

Materials Needed by Interview Panel

- student report cards

- Interview Record Form (Parts I and II)

- Confidential Teacher Evaluations

Potential Questions

1.        Tell us something about yourself.

2.        What do you think are your personal and academic strengths in school?  Other areas?

3.        Weakness in school?  Other areas?

4.        What would you consider to be the highlight(s) of your life thus far?

5.        Are you available and interested in working more than six weeks?

6.        What final report card are you anticipating in _______________?

7.        What part of (insert specific course) did you enjoy the most?

8.        What type of firms or organizations are part of the          industry?

9.        If you were working in a corporation and a client came to you expressing unhappiness with a service she/he received, how would you handle the situation?

10.     If your internship supervisor asked you to make copies, file or fax letters to a client, would you have any problem performing these tasks?

11.     If you are scheduled to start work at 9:00 a.m. and you arrive at 9:03 a.m., are you late?

12.     What would you do if you find that after two weeks your internship is not what you had expected and you are very unhappy?

Download Sample Forms Here

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