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Individual Academy programs will need to send an Academy Internship Program Packet, along with an appropriate cover letter, when initiating the following correspondences:


1.  soliciting corporate interest in internships

2.  soliciting references to new internship sponsors

3.  responding to an inquiry or personal referral

Academy Background:

�         The National Academy Foundation (NAF) guides the start-up and implementation of career Academies in high schools across the country.  As a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization, NAF is governed by a national board of directors comprised of leading educators, business executives and civic officials.  NAF provides industry-specific, school to work curricula to the local Academies, helps train high school teachers to teach Academy courses, develops collaborations with local and national business partners and provides ongoing assistance to individual Academies.  NAF is also strongly committed to playing a vital role in the national education reform movement.

Internships Need Corporate Sponsors:

�         Students who have successfully completed their junior year courses are eligible for placement in a summer internship.  All potential interns prepare a resume with the guidance of their Academy instructors, are evaluated by two Academy teachers, and take part in a pre-internship interview with the program director in order to determine their eligibility for placement.  Students are then interviewed by companies that have requested Academy interns.  Participating companies agree to provide the selected students with six-to-ten week paid internships in career-related positions.  At least once during the course of their work experience, students are visited by an Academy staff member who also speaks with the intern�s supervisor and writes an evaluation.  The intern�s supervisor is also asked to complete a brief written report at the end of the summer evaluating the intern and making suggestions for improvement.


�         Internships provide an invaluable addition to the student�s Academy program.  Not only do they give students an introduction to the world of work, but they also enable students to apply the specific skills and information learned in the Academy.  This work experience, coupled with the internship report each student must complete, helps the individual to carefully examine the industry as a possible career area and to make informed career decisions.  The internship also provides students with the opportunity to learn new skills, both technical and interpersonal.  Hopefully, an additional benefit for many of the interns will be the chance to create opportunities for future employment.

Internship sponsors help to create a motivated, educated work force:


Companies providing internships gain from the experience as well.  Businesses are able to select from a pool of students who have had exposure to the industry.  Academy supervisors are always available should any problem should arise during the course of employment.  Assistance for a particularly busy time is always just a phone call away.  Lastly, employers benefit the most by their contribution to public school education by helping to create a motivated, educated work force.


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