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Employer Preparation Guide

  1. Identify a human resources specialist (e.g., Summer Jobs Coordinator, Corporate Recruiter, etc.) in your firm to serve as liaison to [name and phone number of Academy Director].
  2. Determine the number of positions you can make available to the Academy.
  3. Notify Academy Director as to job descriptions (if known) and special skills requirements (if any) for available positions.
  4. Academy Director will forward resumes and make placement recommendations to company liaison.
  5. Liaison will call Academy Director (April-May-June) to arrange for scheduling of student interviews and/or processing during school-day. They understand they may have to undergo drug testing (if permitted by law) and a physical.
  6. All students may be assigned to one department or rotated through the firm, as your needs dictate.
  7. At the conclusion of the internship, students may be invited, at your discretion, to continue working for the remainder of the summer (up to Labor Day). Some will be available to work part-time during their senior year.
  8. The intern�s immediate supervisors will be asked to complete an evaluation form assessing their job performance.

Where possible, the Academy Director will modify this guide to meet the needs of your organization.

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