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Government Partners

In recent years, NAF has established formal partnerships with four federal government agencies and four state governments.  The partnerships offer a great number of resources to local Academy programs, including opportunities for mentoring and internships, increased awareness of the government sector as a viable career path for Academy students, and the involvement of local agency employees on Academy advisory boards. 

Each of our partnerships signify that the agency agrees to engage its local affiliates in the work of local NAF Academies, through the provision of internships, service on local advisory boards, or sponsorship of other career enhancements such as teacher externships, job shadowing, and educational field trips. 

Department of Treasury
This partnership was launched in March 1999 at a signing ceremony between then-Secretary Robert E. Rubin and NAF Chair Sanford I. Weill, Chairman & CEO, Citigroup.  For more information, contact Charlie Katz.

Small Business Administration
This partnership was signed February 22, 2000, by then Administrator Aida Alvarez, and Sanford I. Weill.  For more information contact Charlie Katz.

Department of Commerce 
NAF's partnership with Commerce was launched in May 2000, signed by then-Secretary William Daley, and NAF President John Ferrandino.  For more information, contact Gregg Betheil.

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
Launched in 1997, the OCC formally recognized NAF as a national partner.  In addition to encouraging employees in each of its 12 districts to support Academies, the OCC officially declared that involvement with NAF Academies of Finance may count toward fulfillment of a U.S. bank's Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) requirements.  For more information, contact Charlie Katz.

State Partnerships
NAF currently has state partnership agreements with Delaware, Florida, Rhode Island, and Maryland. These agreements signify a commitment from the state departments of education to take on an active role in promoting and fostering NAF Academy programs throughout the state.  For more information on Florida, Maryland, Rhode Island, or New Jersey, contact Gregg Betheil;  for more information on Delaware, contact Steve Markbretier; for more information on California, contact Bill Taylor.

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