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Introduction to Financial Services I and II
This course can be offered either as a one- or two-semester course to be given in either the ninth or the tenth grade as a means of introducing students to the various sectors of the financial services industry. The objective of this course is to help students learn about both the nature of the careers found in a particular sector and the scope of the work that comprises businesses such as insurance, real estate, public finance, accounting, and the securities industry.

Economics and the World of Finance
A one-semester course covering macro- and microeconomics that provides an understanding of how our market economy functions in a global setting. It provides students with a survey of economic concepts, including all of the basic principles recommended by the National Council on Economic Education. In addition, a unit on capital markets acquaints the students with the role that various markets and securities play in the U.S. economy.

Banking and Credit
This a one semester course presents a survey of the principles and practices of banking and credit in the United States. The students learn about the major functions of banks and other depository institutions, in-house operations and procedures, central banking through the Federal Reserve System and modern trends in the banking industry. The credit component provides an overview of credit functions and operations including credit risk evaluation, loan creation and debt collection. This course culminates in the Fed Challenge project.

This is a one semester course focusing on the roles and functions of a modern securities organization. Through a study of the structure of brokerage firms, the trading process, credit and margin practices, automated processes, and government regulations, students gain an understanding of how a securities firm services its customers and plays an important role in our economy. Students are given the opportunity to relate their knowledge of economics, accounting, and data processing to the operations areas of various sectors of the securities industry. Emphasis is placed on the skills and attitudes necessary for success in business and college.
Note: This course may be combined with Insurance, in a course titled "Securities and Insurance."

Financial Planning
A one-semester course that introduces students to the financial planning process and the components of a comprehensive financial plan. Students will learn how to prepare a financial plan that includes saving, investing, borrowing, risk management (insurance), and retirement and estate planning.

International Finance
A one-semester course exploring major components of the international financial system. It includes the study of foreign trade, the international monetary system, foreign exchange rates, foreign exchange markets, international financial markets, international banking and the multinational corporation.

Strategies for Success
A one-semester course that helps orient students to the world of work and school. Ideally, this course is offered in the ninth or tenth grades as it helps students to develop good work and study habits, prepare portfolios, learn about school resources, develop career plans, start to prepare for college and develop solid interpersonal skills.

English for Finance
This series of four modules contains infusion material for regular high school English courses. The material, for grades nine through 12, emphasizes workforce preparation and reinforces finance-related concepts for each grade.

This is a one semester course that introduces students to various elements of the insurance industry, including insurance needs and products for businesses and individuals. Students learn about insurance sales, rate-setting, insurance and financial planning, insurance regulations, and careers in the industry.
Note: This course may be combined with Insurance, in a course titled "Securities and Insurance."

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